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If you plan a construction project, a move, or a deep clean, chances are you’ll end up with a large amount of junk once the project is over. You may think a simple pickup truck should be enough to haul it away, but often, the sheer volume of junk can mean that a professional is necessary. If you have need of junk removal services in Las Vegas, come to J&B Hauling.

Our Services

Our dumpsters hold 21 cubic yards of junk, which should allow you to remove any and all junk from your premise. We bring wheelbarrows for the removal of concrete and rock. We carry a Class A license, which allows us to use a variety of equipment. Whether the trash is bulky, light, typical rubbish, or construction waste, you’ll need an expert to help, and we’re happy to assist you in all of your projects.

Our Team

At J&B Hauling, we know how important junk hauling is. Junk naturally accumulates during many kinds of major projects, and the task of removing it can quickly become too much to handle alone. As such, we’ve designed our services to accommodate as much trash as you could ever need to haul.

We’ve been in the business since 1991, and, as a result, our services are backed by decades of experience. We’ll haul what you need, and we’re happy to clean up after a project. Don’t be intimidated by the prospect of disposing of a couch, mattress, or even a massive hot tub. Let professionals help.

Do you anticipate a large-scale construction project, a deep home clean, or a move that will involve the disposal of old belongings? Come to J&B Hauling today. With decades of experience, affordable rates, and quality equipment, we’re your trusted partner for all of your junk removal needs. Call us today at (702) 682-5982 to learn more about our services, request a quote, or set up an appointment.

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