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Construction sites are busy and often have lots of waste and junk that pose a risk to your employees and others around the site. J&B Hauling provides construction cleanup services in and around Las Vegas, NV, throughout your construction jobs and after you’ve wrapped up all your work.

Why Construction Cleanup?

Our construction cleanup can be utilized for a wide variety of services, including:

  • Demolition jobs
  • Dirt removal
  • Tree branch removal
  • Concrete demolition and removal
  • Welding services
  • Asphalt hauling
  • Junk removal
  • Sand brick block hauling

We incorporate our full suite of construction clean-up services to ensure that your construction site is left spotless and free of dangerous debris. We work with you to design the services that best meet your particular needs.

Our team also has equipment that is useful and available for you to use to clean up your construction site, including:

  • Bobcats
  • 21 cubic yard roll-off dumpsters

We understand that your construction site will be covered with heavy pieces of waste and junk that require large equipment to be moved. Our cleanup team has the experience and knowledge to use this equipment to leave your site cleaner than when you started.

Our construction cleanup services are versatile and geared towards your precise construction site needs. We ensure that we set up a cleanup plan that works in installments, regularly throughout your construction job or to fully clean up your site once you’ve completed your construction job.

Why Us?

Since 1991, we have hauled waste and junk for both commercial and residential properties throughout J&B Hauling. Our construction cleanup services are based in our decades of experience and commitment to providing enthusiastic, over-the-top customer service.

We can haul almost all junk and waste from your construction site, except for hazardous materials. Consult with our professionals to determine if any of your waste is considered a hazardous material.

Arrange for our comprehensive construction cleanup services in Las Vegas, NV. Call (702) 682-5982 today.

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